Tuesday, February 10, 2009

she moved through the fair

Something to listen to- a live version of this quite old song performed by us in the fall of '07 at De Kreun in Kortrijk, Belgium. Thanks to Ayco and Frank for (simultaneously)sending me the files, and to Nathalie Deschacht for hooking me up with their contact info. The band at the time featured Emmett Kelly on guitar, but otherwise was the same lineup as what we have now. I've actually got another version of this song, an acoustic version I did with Walker Teret, that'll come out on a 7" as soon as I can get my shit together and do a photoshoot for the cover. This awesome English dude who runs a small trippy folk label will be doing that one.

You can hear the band's version here.

Also there is a live version of Pale Rider Blues from that show that went up last week on our myspace


Unknown said...

Great song and great recording!! Are the other songs from this show available anywhere?

David H said...

At this time, that, and the version of PRB now up on myspace are the only ones out there for public listening-to. We were thinking of maybe compiling some live songs from that show and some other stuff for some kind of best of live/rarities comp to sell on tour, but haven't done that yet...still waiting on some material to come through the mail.