Monday, March 30, 2009

Zodiac Show on Archive

It's up, thanks to Jeff Mewborn who recorded and posted it. To listen or download, go here.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

An open invitation to tapers everywhere

So we'll be doing a fair amount of touring in the spring and summer, and I'd just like to take a minute to tell interested parties what our stance on taping is.
In essence, we are into it, as long as it's done with sharing as the goal. We have several shows already posted already on All of these have been recorded locally by Baltimore Taper Jeff Mewborn, a huge music fan who has been very generous with his time spent recording not only us, but lots and lots of other bands.
If you are someone who tapes shows and would like to record us, that's great- the more, the merrier...ESPECIALLY if you you don't mind uploading it to afterward, or just making us a copy so that we can. I will be happy to give you the setlist after the show, and will do my best to update this blog with our setlists as well.
Last night's show at the Zodiac was recorded and will be up on the archive soon, as will the 3/03/09 Talking Head show.
Thanks for everyone who came out last night- it was a lot of fun playing. Although there were sound issues at times that prevented the vocals from being heard in the forefront of the mix, as well as technical issues relating to guitars and pedals, the show had an awesome vibe to it overall...

the set:

Extended Intro Jam
Another Hiding Place
The Rise
False Spring
Down by the Fall Line

5 songs, 40-45 minutes.

Also thanks to everyone who came to the Talking Head last night as well for Rob Girardi's birthday show. I had a great time playing with Television Hill.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Weekend Shows

I should have perhaps gotten to posting this earlier, as I'm hoping to get a couple more people to the shows tonight by having posted it....but anyway:

Tonight, Friday 3/27

Television Hill plays a secret birthday party at the Talking Head Club(10pm)
lineup is Marc Berrong (drums), David Heumann (guitar, backing voc), Walker Teret (bass and backing voc), and of course Rob Wilson (songs, singing, and guitar)

also with Mopar Mountain Daredevils (9 p)
the Violet Hour (11 ish)
and Vincent Black Shadow (12 ish)

Then, I pack my stuff in the car and head to the Zodiac to play with Arbouretum (12p)
On the bill with us here are Happy Salmon and the Exitstencils. I think it's a donation-encouraged type of situation.

Sunday the 29th-

I'm playing at the Talking head club solo, opening for TK Webb. That one is at 9 or so.

All the above listings are in Baltimore.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Desert Blues

Highly recommended: go to and listen to "desert blues radio". It's the perfect accompaniment for doing just about anything. Right here.

Friday night recap

First off- Richard Buckner is a hell of a guy. I hadn't really been following his music and didn't really know what to expect, but found him to be an extremely competent performer and a person with a very open and generous spirit.

Another observation of mine is that his fans were really accepting of what we did- I think most of them were unfamiliar with us prior to the show, but for the most part I felt like we won them over...hopefully a good deal of the people that came out will come to see us when we play New York again.

And I'd also like to give a shout to Phil the soundman, and also to Ewa, who came out and filmed us. Thanks so much!


Tonight's a Jewel (new "saharan" arrangement)
Another Hiding Place
False Spring
Thin Dominion
Underneath the Arches
Down by the Fall Line

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Mercury Lounge Friday

We're playing the Mercury Lounge on E.Houston st in New York with Richard Buckner.
Richard Buckner plays at 11:30, we play at 10:30, Ruby Throat at 9:30, Lia Ices at 8:30.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Interview piece for New York Press

I rather like this one. Dude really knew what to ask, and he writes well. There was a lot that didn't make it to print, but I think he kept the better material. Read it here.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Song of the Pearl Released Today

In the states, that is- It was released yesterday in the UK and Europe. It's looking to be a really good year for Arbouretum. Tour dates are filling up, the band is playing better than ever, and the record has already received a lot of really positive press, including 4-star reviews in both Mojo and Uncut, 9/10 in Rock Sound and Strangeglue, and 8/10 in Vice. We're really excited about all the shows, and can't wait to hang out with our friends and fans and share our experiences (and of course, music) with them.


Monday, March 9, 2009

Last Week- Philly, Baltimore, Brooklyn

First off, thanks to everyone who came out to share the music with us for these regional release-oriented shows. All of them were very different from one another, and in my opinion, all quite good.

PHILLY, MARCH 2 AT KUNG FU NECKTIE- We awoke that morning in Baltimore to about six or seven inches of snow. We'd heard weather reports that the winter storm was moving up the east coast toward Philadelphia, and with the heavy snowfall, high winds, and record low temperatures, it seemed that Mother Nature would not be cooperating with us that evening. We needed to make a call about whether or not we would cancel at around noon so that Corey could get someone to cover his shift at the restaurant and Steve would be know if he would be attending the rehearsal for the play he was taking part in in the early evening. Fearing that the elements were working against us, we at that point made the executive decision to cancel.

Then at around 2pm, reports were coming in that the snow had stopped in Philly, and it had already stopped here. Interstate 95 was, at this point, clear and dry. I contacted everyone a second time with this new information, because in my view, there's no point canceling a show if you actually can make it happen. But alas, Corey and Steve had at this juncture re-scheduled themselves, and it seemed re-re-scheduling would be a logistical impossibility. I then decided that I'd go up and play a solo set. I had nothing better to do that night anyway, and figured I could use the opportunity to challenge myself by playing in a different format.

In the end, I was really glad I did. A fair amount of people came to the show, and the music of Meg Baird and James Blackshaw was nothing short of spellbinding. I stayed at Meg's apartment, which featured perhaps the most comfortable pull-out guest futon I'd ever encountered, plus a fascinating and well-written book about the Grateful Dead's gear, which I thumbed through before bedding down for the evening.

songs I played were (in no particular order):

An improv jam thing in G that was based on a loop I made on the spot
Mohammed's Hex and Bounty
Another Hiding Place
Down by the Fall Line
She Moved Through the Fair
Song of the Pearl
Two Soldiers
Pale Rider Blues


Our hometown release show at the Talking Head Club. Those who came early got to see first Meg, then James, play; and nearly everyone I spoke to were amazed by their sonic finesse, taste, and virtuosity. By the time we took the stage shortly after 11, the audience seemed like it had doubled in size, and in my opinion we played together as well as we had at any time over the past year, despite out not having gotten to rehearse all that much.
The set was:

Flood of Floods
Another Hiding Place
False Spring
Time Doesn't Lie
Mohammed's Hex and Bounty
Ghosts of Here and There
Down by the Fall Line


This show was to be done as a three-piece, as Steve had a bit of a scheduling snafu relating to the play he was in. It was a gorgeous day for a highway drive, with the high temperature around 65 and the sun clear and bright. Dan drove separately, and on the way up, Corey and I blasted about an hour of a particularly awesome Dead bootleg (5-08-77, for you GD nerds out there), followed immediately by Earthless's Live at Roadburn, which is arguably the best live rock album in recent history. The stated goal was to pump ourselves up a bit by listening to particularly inspiring live jams, and it really seemed to work out for us.
We had the rare treat of being joined mid-set by our longtime friend Matt Sweeney, who had learned the songs by having them emailed to him the day before. If there's ever been a guy who can step right in and give 100% with very little or no preparation, it would be Matt. His contributions have enriched countless recordings by people you've heard of, and he's a live jammer without equal or peer. He's the kind of dude who's so completely there, you can lock eyes for a nanosecond and know each other's intentions...a musical martial artist of the highest order, and all-around good guy to boot.

Songs we played were:

Time Doesn't Lie
False Spring
Pale Rider Blues
Infinite Corridors
Another Hiding Place
Down by the Fall Line

After our set, Pissed Jeans took the stage and tore the place apart.

Live photo taken at the Talking Head Club by bmoremusic

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tonight's release show in Baltimore

For tonight's show at the Talking Head Club (407 e Saratoga)

Doors at 8

Meg Baird at 9

James Blackshaw at 10

Arbouretum at 11

James and Meg were both really amazing in Philly last night. If you want to give your ears an awesome treat, you should get there early enough to see them!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Monday Night in Philly

the first of our album release shows. we'll be selling the new record and also new t-shirts.


Played last night in Baltimore and were absolutely amazing.