Saturday, March 28, 2009

An open invitation to tapers everywhere

So we'll be doing a fair amount of touring in the spring and summer, and I'd just like to take a minute to tell interested parties what our stance on taping is.
In essence, we are into it, as long as it's done with sharing as the goal. We have several shows already posted already on All of these have been recorded locally by Baltimore Taper Jeff Mewborn, a huge music fan who has been very generous with his time spent recording not only us, but lots and lots of other bands.
If you are someone who tapes shows and would like to record us, that's great- the more, the merrier...ESPECIALLY if you you don't mind uploading it to afterward, or just making us a copy so that we can. I will be happy to give you the setlist after the show, and will do my best to update this blog with our setlists as well.
Last night's show at the Zodiac was recorded and will be up on the archive soon, as will the 3/03/09 Talking Head show.
Thanks for everyone who came out last night- it was a lot of fun playing. Although there were sound issues at times that prevented the vocals from being heard in the forefront of the mix, as well as technical issues relating to guitars and pedals, the show had an awesome vibe to it overall...

the set:

Extended Intro Jam
Another Hiding Place
The Rise
False Spring
Down by the Fall Line

5 songs, 40-45 minutes.

Also thanks to everyone who came to the Talking Head last night as well for Rob Girardi's birthday show. I had a great time playing with Television Hill.

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