Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Shows, Updates

So there are some new things fast approaching-

A project featuring myself and fellow Arbouretum player Matthew Pierce will have our first (and perhaps only) show at the Windup Space in Baltimore on Saturday, May 8th. We have finished a record, and the project is called Coil Sea- it is instrumental improv project. It has also been known as Dragoons, although that name was in use so we had to change it.

The lineup at the show-
David Bergander- drums
Michael Kuhl- percussion
David Heumann- guitar
Matthew Pierce- keys
Walker Teret- bass
Jimmy Wallace- guitar

also playing at the show is Barbez and Susan Alcorn.

And on May 12, our Spring Tour with Pontiak starts!
At the merch table, we will have reissued Song of the Pearl LPs, out of print Rites of Uncovering LPs (while supplies last), an incredible live performance tour CDR we really have to hustle to get done in time, probably some new shirts, and some other stuff.

Please check out our tour dates here!


Unknown said...

Awesome. Psyched for that CDR!

bloggsy said...

Hola David. Your number one fan out here in Los Angeles just checking in... any chance you'd be willing to sell some merch via the mail? I need to get the "who the fuck is Arbouretum" look while wearing your t-shirt. My gmail email is double5dime, in case it's an option you'd be willing to discuss outside of the blog posts. Many thanks again. Best, Damon

Greg Szeto said...

you can grab the digital recording of the CDR here: