Friday, March 27, 2009

Weekend Shows

I should have perhaps gotten to posting this earlier, as I'm hoping to get a couple more people to the shows tonight by having posted it....but anyway:

Tonight, Friday 3/27

Television Hill plays a secret birthday party at the Talking Head Club(10pm)
lineup is Marc Berrong (drums), David Heumann (guitar, backing voc), Walker Teret (bass and backing voc), and of course Rob Wilson (songs, singing, and guitar)

also with Mopar Mountain Daredevils (9 p)
the Violet Hour (11 ish)
and Vincent Black Shadow (12 ish)

Then, I pack my stuff in the car and head to the Zodiac to play with Arbouretum (12p)
On the bill with us here are Happy Salmon and the Exitstencils. I think it's a donation-encouraged type of situation.

Sunday the 29th-

I'm playing at the Talking head club solo, opening for TK Webb. That one is at 9 or so.

All the above listings are in Baltimore.


Anonymous said...

Who do I have to blow to find out about these secret shows? No offense, your Zodiac set was awesome, but I would have preferred the Talking Head lineup. I can't believe I had no idea that show was happening.

David H said...

My bad on that. I meant to send out an email blast about the shows, in which case you'd have gotten one. But somehow I got caught up in the day-to-day and didn't send out anything...the show was pretty much only promoted by word of mouth until the day of, when it was posted on the internet- here, and on myspace.