Thursday, May 8, 2008


Thought it might be cool to keep fans abreast of our activities via blog, so here it is. We'll be posting photos, some mp3s, and general updates on here, so you might want to check in every so often to see what's happening in our little corner of the world.
First, an update: We did some recording a while back with our good friends from the band Pontiak and the results will go on an Arbouretum/Pontiak split LP called Kale.
The release date is July 22nd (Thrill Jockey Records), and we're really excited about it. There will be a limited pressing of 1000 copies in the LP format, as well as high-quality Mp3 downloads available. The split will feature songs by excellent Welsh songwriter/instrumentalist John Cale and new original songs by both bands.
Joining us on our side is recently-added guitarist Steve Strohmier. He moved back to Baltimore a few months ago after living in Brooklyn for a few years, and we're really happy to have him around to play music with us. He's an incredible guitarist and a damn fine singer to boot.
Anyone wanting to get a live peek at what we've been up to can catch us at the Talking Head Club in Baltimore on June 4th. We'll be playing with Pontiak, Rob Wilson/Television Hill, and a really cool new band from Italy and Chicago called Blake e/e/e.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a rad show.
I love the first 2 Franklin Delano albums.
I just drove up to shitty LA for the first
time in 8 months to see these guys
and Tim from Califone. They were great.
I met Oren whom I'd talked with online
as well as the Italian fine folks.
There was a time when I was attempting
to help book them in San Diego, but
that window has closed already..

Tell Oren I said 'Hi' though.


David H said...

Television Hill (a band with a very close association with Arbouretum and shares certain membership)played with Franklin Delano a few years ago in Baltimore, and they(F.D)were amazing. There were about five people watching them while they played. This time, those guys will get to play to a few more ears....anyway, good to hear a positive review of Blake e/e/e/'s live set...makes it all the more something to be stoked on.