Monday, May 26, 2008

Arbouretum Alums Back Scarlett Johansson!!

Check this out: David Bergander and Walker Teret (featured extensively on Rites of Uncovering) back up the super-hot actress in her latest career move. In this clip, Walker plays Banjo and David plays drums. Pretty wild.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, I didn't realize, David Burgander.
He's from Celebration right?
yeah, I saw them backing up Scarlett.
Is this Dave typing this all up?
haha, yeah, she's super-hot, but
not that talented. ah well.
Tom Waits, I love him dearly.
I don't care too much about the sacrilege
specifically, but I don't believe any
of the covers are good at all, and they
are drowned/(perhaps distracting from her)
in the Sitek production and guest stars.

hmm, that's what I have to say about it.