Friday, January 20, 2012

Some shows in March

Thursday, March 8
Secret Mountains, Arbouretum, Sri Aurobindo
Baltimore, the Ottobar.
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Friday, March 9
Arbouretum, Meg Baird
Philadelphia, The Station

Saturday, March 10
Arbouretum, Rhyton, PG Six
Brooklyn, NY, Death By Audio


Anonymous said...

please come to berlin

Albert R. said...

Guys! Come to Europe!

David H said...

We are coming to Europe- I'm about to announce the shows. Unfortunately not Berlin this time, though:(

Albert R. said...

No Eastern Europe too? :-(

David H said...

@Omlet Not this time :(

David H said...

Someone posted a comment about us coming to Spain. I thought I published it but it was accidentally deleted. Anyway, we would absolutely love to come to Spain, however at this point we have not received offers that I am aware of.

David H said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

stuck on a tugboat in baltimore harbor, really hoping to be off tonight to catch the show. was very impressed when i saw you guys last year!!! i know the show will be amazing, enjoy it!

David H said...

I think that being stuck on a tugboat in the harbor is the absolute most awesome excuse I've ever heard for anyone not being able to make one of our shows :) Thanks for dropping a line and take care!