Wednesday, February 16, 2011

"Destroying to Save" video


minimal coast said...

can't say anything but stupid monosilabic exclamations. amazing starting guitar, incredible voice.

David H said...

why thank you, HITS (your screen name made into an acronym, hope you don't mind)!
I take it you meant "startling guitar"? It's fine though, if you are starting guitar.
Anyway, thanks again for commenting and complimenting. Always nice to know people are listening and getting into this stuff!

Anonymous said...

in one word...EPIC.

J├╝rgen said...

Wow, i saw you on a TV-Show spells ROCKPALAST on yesterday night at german tv.
I am full surprised about your very cool 70s sound in your songs you played live.
Vocals and the guitar sound is coming so absolut freaky cool that i got an flashback to the 70s ;-)

I am a fan of Arbouretum now.

regards Tom (germany)