Thursday, May 14, 2009

Imminent Trajectories

I thought it would be a good idea to let people know about things we have planned for the warm season that's approaching. We're entering into a relatively busy period now, with these near-future doings that loom precipitously before us. The events that are to come have motivated us to put a lot of time into our playing and arrangements as of late...something that will be reflected in our live sets for sure.

A general overview-

A May 22nd show at the Webster Hall Studio in NYC
-playing with D.Charles Speer and TK Webb&The Visions.
I hear this space is nice, and we're looking forward to the bill as a whole.

A June 4th show at Baltimore's Creative Alliance (Patterson Theater).

It'll be an acoustic set, with guest appearances by Meg Baird (vocals), Dave Hadley (pedal steel), and Walker Teret (various instruments). The Violet Hour opens.

I think this one will be especially cool. In some ways it will be a warm-up for the set we are to play at Carnegie Hall a week afterward, but there are some aspects that will be even cooler because we'll be able to stretch it out a bit more and really explore the concept of doing such a format.
Plus any time spent listening to the Violet Hour is time well spent, in our opinion.

June 11 through June 18- several East Coast dates opening for the Band of Horses, with a little break in the middle. Details here.
Really looking forward to these. It'll be nice to play some big rooms to a bunch of people, and particularly to their audience. I think there's really something to this Band of Horses/Arbouretum thing. Sure, the kinds of songs that each band writes are fairly different than one another and so are the two bands' approaches to arrangements, but there's a lot of common ground too- both bands have some really tuneful songs that get rocked out live, and both bands put a lot of stock in guitar interplay. I saw them this past New Year's, actually, where I met them for the first time, and they put on a great live show- One gets the sense that these guys really believe. We're extremely grateful that they invited us for this upcoming run and are looking at it as an opportunity to strengthen what we do and play some really well-thought out, well-executed sets.

Then there's a show in Wilmington, NC on our way back from the last show with B.O.H. on June 19th.
I need to get the name and address of the venue so I can post it...but it should be really fun- they want us to play a really long time (by our standards, at least), and this, I think, will help us get some ideas together for some of the longer sets typically expected of bands headlining European shows.

which brings me now to...

European and UK Shows, July 10th-ish through July 31.

Details of these are being posted on our myspace page as we get confirmations. They include 4 festivals and a bunch of club dates. Some of these festival gigs are looking awesome, especially the UK's Supersonic Festival (we get to play the same day as Pontiak!), and I also have a good feeling about the club dates. Seems our record is doing pretty well in the UK and parts of Europe, so I'm anticipating seeing more people at the shows than we did last time we did a full tour over there, that being the fall of '07.

More updates soon- will try to update this thing more frequently.

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