Friday, March 2, 2012

European Tour Dates Spring 2012!

There may be one or two more added, most likely just one at the end in the UK.

Sun Apr 15 Antwerp, Belgium - Trix w/ Luke Roberts

Mon Apr 16 Hamburg, Germany - Hafenklang w/ Luke Roberts

Tue Apr 17 Copenhagen, Denmark - Loppen w/ Luke Roberts

Wed Apr 18 Gothenburg, Sweden - Hensriksberg w/ Luke Roberts

Thu Apr 19 Aarhus, Denmark - Atlas w/ Luke Roberts

Fri Apr 20 Duisburg, Germany - Steinbruch w/ Luke Roberts

Sat Apr 21 Freiburg, Germany - Swamp w/ Luke Roberts

Sun Apr 22 Schorndorf, Germany - Club Manufaktur w/ Luke Roberts

Mon Apr 23 Basel, Switzerland - Sud w/ Great Lake Swimmers

Tue Apr 24 Zurich, Switzerland - Rote Fabrik w/ Luke Roberts

Wed Apr 25 Forli, Italy - Sidro Club w/ Luke Roberts

Thu Apr 26 Rome, Italy - Circolo Degli Artisti w/ Luke Roberts,

Fri Apr 27 Venice, Italy - Studio 2 w/ Luke Roberts

Mon Apr 30 Lille, France - La Peniche w/ Luke Roberts

Tue May 1 Brighton, UK - The Green Door Store w/ Hush Arbors

Wed May 2 London, UK - Cargo w/ Hush Arbors, Luke Roberts

Thu May 3 Bristol, UK - The Fleece w/ Hush Arbors

Fri May 4 Liverpool, UK - Kazimier w/ Hush Arbors

Sat May 5 Dublin, Ireland - Whelan's w/ Hush Arbors

Sun May 6 Cork, Ireland - Crane Lane Theatre w/ Hush Arbors


J.M.B. said...


David H said...

So sorry, not this time (please see comments on the post below).

Ente said...

Shit, what about Berlin?

David H said...

As much as we'd love to, gonna have to be next time.

Anonymous said...

Why not The Netherlands?

David H said...

We were actually planning on playing the paradiso, which is among our favorite venues, but I think the situation was that the date we were looking for got booked before we could confirm. That was going to be our only Netherlands date this time....but hey, it's not too far to take a train to Antwerp ;)

Steve Temple said...

If you do add another one in the UK, it would be marvellous if it was in Scotland. Aberdeen would be ideal, but I'd settle for Edinburgh or Glasgow ;-)

David H said...

Thanks for dropping us a line, but it's all been booked now, incl our flights.

Anonymous said...

Man, I wish I didn't live on an island. I want to come see you guys but its too expensive to get off the rock.

Consider coming to the channel islands next time you're on the continent!

David H said...

Channel Islands? Whoa, that sounds amazing.

Anonymous said...

went to your show in dublin last saturday, totally accidentally :) never heard about your band. and now i'm digging the whole world through to find as much of your music as possible. thanks man, you're doing a great job!

David H said...

Thanks so much, Anonomous. We really work hard at it and it's great to be appreciated. For the record, you saw one of the best shows of tour.

justyna said...

for the record, i'm polish. have been to dublin just for the weekend. believe me - we DO listen to that sort of music in the east. maybe consider eastern europe in the future..? would be great! wishing you all the best.
justyna a.k.a anonymous

David H said...

We would definitely be up for playing in Eastern Europe- I myself have heard really great things about it. For us, it's been more like we ask our booking agent to set up a tour, and then we get an itinerary. Since we aren't a band that draws large crowds (yet?), we kind of have to take what we can get rather than getting to pick and choose. Hopefully this will change at some point!

(((o))) said...

Hey guys, i was wondering if you had a spare Covered In Leaves CDR as it must be awesome? Shame you didn't play Berlin or anything in a decent distance. Love your musick so much!

(((o))) said...

Hey guys, I was wonderign if you had a spare copy of the Covered In Leaves CDR as it must be awesome. Shame you dind't play Berlin or anything a bit more decent disatance. Love your musick!

David H said...

Sure. If you want to post a comment here with your email, I won't publish it to protect your privacy, but we can take the conversation from there and I'll send you my paypal address, etc...
Sound good? Looking forward to hearing from you.