Friday, January 20, 2012

Some shows in March

Thursday, March 8
Secret Mountains, Arbouretum, Sri Aurobindo
Baltimore, the Ottobar.
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Friday, March 9
Arbouretum, Meg Baird
Philadelphia, The Station

Saturday, March 10
Arbouretum, Rhyton, PG Six
Brooklyn, NY, Death By Audio


Anonymous said...

please come to berlin

Omlet said...

Guys! Come to Europe!

David H said...

We are coming to Europe- I'm about to announce the shows. Unfortunately not Berlin this time, though:(

Omlet said...

No Eastern Europe too? :-(

David H said...

@Omlet Not this time :(

David H said...

Someone posted a comment about us coming to Spain. I thought I published it but it was accidentally deleted. Anyway, we would absolutely love to come to Spain, however at this point we have not received offers that I am aware of.

David H said...
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Anonymous said...

stuck on a tugboat in baltimore harbor, really hoping to be off tonight to catch the show. was very impressed when i saw you guys last year!!! i know the show will be amazing, enjoy it!

David H said...

I think that being stuck on a tugboat in the harbor is the absolute most awesome excuse I've ever heard for anyone not being able to make one of our shows :) Thanks for dropping a line and take care!