Sunday, March 22, 2009

Desert Blues

Highly recommended: go to and listen to "desert blues radio". It's the perfect accompaniment for doing just about anything. Right here.


High aura'd said...

Check this out:

have you heard any of the Sublime Frequencies comps?

they are hard to find but i could email them to you in links if your into that kind of thing-you don't have to post this one if you want

I love Tinariwen-and i would've killed to see you and Buckner

David H said...

Hey thanks John!

I checked out that youtube clip, then saw this other one that had moroccan musicians...insanely good.

I've heard some of the sublime frequencies comps, even may have had one or two at some fact, I definitely did. There was a Sumatran one that I used a melody from for a song on the last record. No idea what happened to it- need to get some of that stuff again.
Thanks for the heads-up.

Red Headed Stranger said...

Desert Blues = Kick ass! Thanks for posting this link. I just took a look at your myspace page after many, many months - the new songs are really nice.