Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Today, our fourth record was released.

It's crazy looking back and realizing Arbouretum has been around this long. It still feels like we're at the beginning, but I suppose that's how it should be...It's about not becoming so satisfied with where you've been that you get complacent, you know? You have to hold onto whatever it was that got you started down the path in the first place. If anyone saw me post "to always begin" on our facebook a while ago and wondered what that meant, well, this is what I meant.
We had an excellent show the other night in Baltimore to celebrate this album's release. So many people came out to share the music with us and the vibe and sound in the room were conducive to us playing at our best. Secret Mountains opened and were fantastic.
We'll be in San Diego Thursday night, then up (and back down) the coast, and after that, a lot more places.
See you soon.


stevie said...

I love this record sooo much!! Coming from Toronto to see you guys March 5th, can't wait!

David H said...


Unknown said...

Really enjoyed the Paris gig gents...shame we were so few, but hopefully still enthusiastic! Forward...

blade1953 said...

just discovered you through a friend of mine. Your last record is awesome. I wonder if it is out on vinyl? Hope you come to Oslo rock city sometime. I'll be in the front row!

David H said...

You guys made that gig very fun for us. Thanks for the enthusiasm!
@Blade- yes, it is out on vinyl, now in its second pressing. Best get one before they are out of print again!