Monday, December 27, 2010

Video Flyer for our Next Show


Unknown said...

Dave - the record is bringing repeated doses of exhilaration and joy, can't stop spinning it. Wish I could see this show, punch Keith on the arm for me.

David H said...

I don't know why that other comment didn't show up...but yes, we hope you can make it to Schorndorf too!

@RRD- I can't fucking wait for this one. While I can't guarantee literally punching Keith in the arm, well...I will at least tell him you said hi.
also- exhilaration and joy=desired effect! thanks for passing that on.

matthew tognarelli said...

brilliant to hear you guys are coming to london soon! you have such a fantastic sound! Been following the other blog too, so have got to say thank you also for the sonny sharrock and the red book- what fantastic pictures! Cheers. looking forward to the new album, its one of the few I will more than happily pay full price for + postage!

David H said...

Thanks for writing, Matthew!
As for the Red Book and the sonny Sharrock, always happy to share. Glad people are even looking at that thing!