Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A live review plus free downloads of our most recent show at Bmore Music

Find it here.


bloggsy said...

man, i can't say how much i fucking love your music. i just discovered it completely by accident with some throwaway "new psych masters" (or something like that) from a british magazine a few weeks ago. after listening to "another hiding place" about 50 times in a row on the sampler disc i finally made it to the record store (amoeba) here in los angeles to try and find your albums. i guess i could have used the web (heh), but, you know, the hunt for the record is just better. anyway, everything is incredible. i wish i lived near you because i'd beg to be in your band. this is how music should sound. i can't wait to find you playing live in california one of these days... many kind regards, damon

David H said...

That is awesome. Thanks for the best piece of fan mail (or whatever is the digital equivalent thereof) that we've gotten in a long time. Feels good to read.